Sinotruk can design a transport solutions for hauling windmill blades, wind turbines, wind tower sections and windmill power generator. Up to now, we have provided 3 axles extendable wind blade trailer, 4 axles telescopic steerable trailer, 5 axles extendable trailer, 6 axles extendable trailers, 9 axles extendable trailer and more wind energy transporter for transporting different size wind blades.

For example, our 4 axles extendable wind turbine blade trailer which is able to reach a length of up to 56 meters for carrying 60~70 meters long wind blades. The trailer is also equipped the intergrated turntable bolster steering system, which can ensure the trailer can effortlessly and continuously driver around tight corners. In addition, the steering system can controlled by Wireless remote and Manual operate.

Main Features & Options is below:
  • Turntable bolster steering system is standard
  • Hydraulic steering system and automatic steering is optional.
  • High payload up to 60 tonnes
  • Low load deck platform
  • Mechanical spring suspension is standard
  • Hydraulic suspension or air suspension is optional.
  • Manual operation is standard, wireless remote control is optional.


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